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Electronic properties of mesocrystals

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Mesocrystals are colloidal crystals formed by self-assembly from anisotropic nanoparticles. They attract more and more attention as building blocks for novel electronics because their electronic properties can be controlled quite easily by tailoring nanoparticles used to assemble such crystals, their ligands, and the assembly process.

The group of Prof. Dr. Lukas Schmidt-Mende from University of Konstanz is studying electronic properties of such crystals. Recently, they published a paper exploring the mechanisms giving rise to intrinsic resistance of individual mesocrystals and how it can be tuned. The researchers use Imina Technologies’ nanoprobing system to contact and probe mesocrystals in-situ.

“The most remarkable property of the system is its scalable positioning which enables both centimeter travel range to approach different destinations on my sample and nanometer-range positioning to contact my nanoparticle structures. These nanoprobers are flexible, easy, fast to use, and I can see everything I do with the structures in real time.” – says Stefan M. Schupp, one of the leading authors of the study.

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