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SEM-based electrical characterization of NMOS and PMOS transistors on 7 nm technology node

Components of integrated circuits are constantly shrinking in size. To keep up with this trend, IC design and electrical failure analysis engineers rely on nanoprobing in scanning electron microscope (SEM) to characterize the performance of microchips.

In this application note, we show how Imina Technologies’ Nanoprobing Solution was used to characterize NMOS and PMOS transistors of a 7 nm technology node chip. miBot™ nanoprobers’ compact design proves to be advantageous to maintain stable electrical contacts for over 10 minutes.

The Nanoprobing Solutions from Imina Technologies provide excellent signal-to-noise ratio and optimized workflow for transistor characterization and Electrical Failure Analysis (EBIC/EBAC/RCI/EBIRCH). The Nanoprobing platforms include 2-8 miBot™ nanoprobers and can adapt to nearly any SEM chamber. Accessory XYZ Substage helps to save the time on lateral movements from one sample area to another without having to move the probers one by one. The operator is assisted at each step of the nanoprobing workflow implemented in Precisio software. It includes nanoprobers placement around the device under test, landing the probe tips on the sample, setting up test recipes, running measurements and storing data.

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