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Electrical characterization and EFA (EBIC and EBAC) used to detect and locate failures in semiconductor devices.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics

EBIC / EBAC techniques for semiconductor failure analysis

Five miBot nano probers landed on 100 nm flash memory bits contacts to find a failing bit and to understand its malfunction.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics

Nanoprobing on a faulty memory bit

59 nm failing spot in a leaky 130 tech node transistor detected using Electron Beam Induced Resistance Change (EBIRCh).
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics

Defect localization at transistor gate using EBIRCh

Electron Probing Electronics Materials Science

Combined AFM and nanoprobing

Precise circuit editing: deposition of 1 kOhm pull-up resistor by a FIB using in-situ nano probing on a tilted stage
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics

Circuit editing for IC debug

EBIC signal on AIGaN/GaN HEMT used to understand issues with threshold voltage, non-uniformity, damaged p-n junctions.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics Materials Science

EFA of high electron mobility transistors

In-situ SEM EBIC characterization of p-n junctions in a semiconductor chip cross-section.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics

Cross-section EBIC of a transistor array

An SEM image of nanoprobes on a defective MOSFET device to measure fF gate capacitance-voltage characteristic.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing

Femtofarad capacitance-voltage measurement

miBots used to turn on a microLED sample under an optical microscope.
Optical Probing Electronics

MicroLED electrical testing

Heating and cooling stage for in-situ SEM nano probing to study semiconductor devices temperature-dependent behavior
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Materials Science

Thermal stage for temperature-dependent nanoprobing

IV curves for 180 nm tech node PMOS transistor at temperatures of -30, 75, 150°C reached by a heating and cooling stage.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics Materials Science

Thermal behavior of a PMOS transistor

Nanoprober tip pushinga a sub-200 nm-diameter, 50-micrometer-long single-crystal silicon nanowire resonator to fracture.
Electron Manipulation Probing Electronics

Characterization of SiNW based NEMS resonator

miBots holding a optical fiber to illuminate the solar cell locally and contacting it to measure the electrical response.
Optical Manipulation Probing Photonics

Photovoltaic characterization of PV solar cells

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