November, 2023

Strategies to identify physical origins of contrast in EBIRCH

Thermal stage helps to better understand the signal.
August, 2023

EBIC measurement of the minority carriers’ diffusion length in a GaAs solar cell p-n junction

Quantitative EBIC on GaAs solar cell p-n junction. Calibrated EBIC signal acquisition enables the measurement of minority carriers’ diffusion length.
August, 2023

Origins of leakage currents in nanowire array solar cells

Solar cells based on radial-junction nanowires: how nanowire-to-nanowire inhomogenity affects their performance and how to improve it?
July, 2023

NANO+ for safer and faster probe landing

Launch of the Robot NANO+ with an extended fine-mode range in Z of 15 µm!
June, 2023

A new form of carbon structures: micropyramids made of soot nanoparticles

Our in-situ SEM solution was used to measure the tunneling current from carbon micropyramids to characterize their field-emission properties
June, 2023

Preparing MIEC Nanofibers for a TEM Study

Imina Technologies’ Nanoprobing solution used for in-situ SEM nanofiber manipulation.
April, 2023

miBots used in combination with EFA techniques at KIST

Nanoprobing combined with EBIC/EBAC helps to reveal charge carrier dynamics in perovskite solar cell and to study electrical conductivity in battery materials.
March, 2023

miBots used to actuate MEMS

SEM imaging used to detect sub-100 nm or high-frequency in-plane MEMS motion.
March, 2023

Partnership with Eurofins MASER

Imina Technologies and Eurofins MASER join forces to offer top-level service in Nanoprobing and Electrical Failure Analysis.