May, 2024

Nanoprobing on conducting PEDOT:PSS gels

4-point measurements of charge transfer across a single pore wall.
April, 2024

IMA workshops across the US

First in-person workshops by In-situ Microscopy Alliance.
March, 2024

Spotting shorts

Using RCI to precisely locate leaking spots in a capacitor dielectric.
February, 2024

MICRO probe station

An all-rounder tool for any lab.
January, 2024

Advanced EFA with color coded multi-channel nanoprobing

Multi-channel nanoprobing enables color-coded EFA of devices with complex architecture.
December, 2023

Nanoindentation combined with nanoprobing inside the SEM

Imina Technologies and Alemnis present an integrated solution.
December, 2023

Advanced AFM with simultaneous electrical probing

Complex analysis of various materials and in-situ AFM of operating or actuated devices.
November, 2023

Strategies to identify physical origins of contrast in EBIRCH

Thermal stage helps to better understand the signal.
August, 2023

EBIC measurement of the minority carriers’ diffusion length in a GaAs solar cell p-n junction

Quantitative EBIC on GaAs solar cell p-n junction. Calibrated EBIC signal acquisition enables the measurement of minority carriers’ diffusion length.