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Fast and accurate failure analysis at FIB tilt angle: article in EDFA magazine

The November 2019 issue of the Electronic Device Failure Analysis (EDFA) magazine features the article Faster and more accurate failure analysis: circuit editing and short localization performed at same FIB tilt angle using multiple techniques, a joint publication from Imina Technologies, Switzerland and Fraunhofer IMWS, Germany.

The article reports on two semiconductor failure analysis case studies in which the workflow was accelerated by combining FIB, GIS, and nanoprobing techniques. These cases are:

  • Circuit-editing with the simultaneous deposition and measurement of a pull-up resistor
  • Short localization in metal lines

Both of these FA processes require the device under test to be perpendicular with the incidence of the focused ion beam (FIB).

Imina Technologies’ nanoprobing platforms and the miBot™ can be tilted to FIB angle (54°) and perform probing tasks while the FIB is being used on the sample.

This capability of using simultaneously FIB/GIS technologies and nanoprobing while being tilted saved substantial amount of time to the overall procedures and allowed more accurate results.