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IMA workshops across the US

An important milestone for the In-Situ Microscopy Alliance (IMA): to bring the latest progress in correlated techniques for SEM to the US. IMA consists of Alemnis, Imina Technologies, NenoVision and point electronic as founding members, with Prof. Dr. Marc-Georg Willinger and Dr Umberto Celano as scientific board members. The goal of IMA is to develop and integrate in-situ SEM analytical tools and their combinations for deeper insights about materials and devices.

These workshops were a wonderful chance to give spotlight to all IMA members and users so they could show the applications of correlated studies for materials science, renewable energy and semiconductors industry. Carlos M. Portela from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Abdulaziz Alrashed from University of Washington gave really interesting talks.

It was very rewarding to see so many participants from various semiconductor companies as well as materials science researchers, engaged and asking good questions.

Of course, both workshops became a great occasion to network and to learn more about the places where the events took place, and which did an amazing job hosting the workshops: Covalent Metrology and MIT.nano.

Special thanks to our partner from the US Angstrom Scientific for their support in organizing these events.Participants of the in-situ microscopy alliance workshops and the logos of hosting and organizing companies