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Nanoprobing combined with cathodoluminescence spectroscopy inside SEM

We are excited to announce that cathodoluminescence can now be done simultaneously with nanoprobing inside SEM! Attolight's Allalin SEM-Spectroscopic platform is now available in combination with nanoprobing for cathodo- and photoluminescence, and electron-beam-induced current analyses. With nanoprobing capability built in, this setup opens up exciting opportunities to even better understand behavior of optoelectronic and semiconductor devices and materials.

Compact and robust, our miBots seamlessly integrate into the Allalin platform thanks to the clearance between the sample and the pole piece, as well as to the unique optical collection system integrated into the SEM column. As a result, the quality and speed of SEM and cathodoluminescence scanning are as high as in all Allalin systems.

The first Allalin-miBots platform was recently installed at Prof. Choi's Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong. This unique setup will enable the team to perform simultaneous in-situ SEM time-resolved cathodoluminescence and electrical device characterization.

“We are very proud of delivering this one-of-a-kind solution, and it was an excellent experience to collaborate with Attolight. Allalin with integrated miBots is designed to offer deeper insights into fundamental properties of various materials, and I am sure it will help to propel materials science and semiconductor research forward. I am looking forward to the first results and to deploying more of these advanced systems.” – says Guillaume Boetsch, co-founder of Imina Technologies.

"Imina Solutions is renowned for its high-quality nanoprobing technologies, and we are thrilled to introduce this new feature on our Allalin platform. Researchers will benefit from a unique implementation tailored for advanced semiconductor and materials studies. We are already receiving new orders for this integration and eagerly anticipate the first results," says Nicolas Medard, Head of Analytical Sales at Attolight AG.