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Paving way for the 1.4nm technology node transistors

14 Angstrom (1.4 nm) tech node transistors are coming to market in a few years. But how to make them, and how will engineers characterize such small devices, especially when they need to find a defect?

14AMI is a Chips JU joint European project aimed to set up technological solutions for the 14 Angstrom CMOS technology node transistors. This 100+ Million Euro project involving 31 partners is led by ASML, the world's largest supplier of photolithography machines for the semiconductor industry.

14AMI tasks fall into four categories: lithography, metrology, mask-infrastructure, and process technology. For lithography to meet the 1.4 nm technology node goal, extreme UV plasma physics is studied to optimise optics transmission and lifetime. Metrology branch is advancing measurement sensitivity and uncertainty and assesses reticle degradation from the extreme UV light. Mask-infrastructure is focused on mask repair strategies such as particle removal technology, and on mask durability. Process technology is developing patterning solutions, active device selection and a new interconnect technology, suitable for the 1.4 nm technology node.

Imina Technologies and CSEM are Swiss partners in this project, with support from Innosuisse and SERI.

As a part of 14AMI, we are developing capabilities for automated in-situ SEM reliability testing and electrical failure analysis of the new technology nodes. Regardless of the node size, electrical probing of integrated circuits is crucial for optimal and reliable performance. Nanoprobing is also an integral part of semiconductor failure analysis, helping to identify the failing spots on a chip for further investigation and improvement of fabrication process.

14AMI has just crossed the 1-year milestone. “Great progress has been made by our R&D team in developing modules with semi-automation capabilities to support failure analysis engineers in performing ever-more complex nanoprobing experiments.” – says Benoît Dagon, our CEO.