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Spotting shorts

Finding shorts – defects in a capacitor's insulating layer – can be tricky, as there is little resistance contrast between the defect and the surrounding structures.

In our latest application note, we show how to take Resistive Contrast Imaging (RCI) to the next level. Our advanced electrical failure analysis module equipped with point electronic GmbH pre-amplifiers enables characterization of such failure spots with much better signal-to-noise ratio then without pre-amplifiers, and therefore significantly improves contrast.

In our application note, we show how RCI with enhanced contrast can be an effective technique to highlight shorts within the oxide of Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) capacitors. Our experiment yielded unparalleled localization precision of 500 nm for such fails.

Knowing the defect location with such precision helps to quickly prepare a lamella for further investigation with TEM.

Spotting shorts: how to use RCI to find low resistance defects in metal-insulator-metal capacitors

A scanning electron microscope image shows a defective spot in an insulating layer of a capacitor, found by resistive contrast imaging.