February, 2023

Speed up in situ SEM electrical nanoprobing

Threefold speed-up in the characterization of 7 nm transistors using a substage.
February, 2023

Manipulation and probing in a desktop SEM

Quick and precise microprobing inside a desktop SEM now available.
January, 2023

New distributor in the UK and Ireland

Scanwel Ltd is now our exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland.
December, 2022

5nm transistor characterization

New application note about electrical nanoprobing of NMOS and PMOS transistors of a 5 nm technology node chip.
August, 2022

New distributor in Israel

Picotech appointed as exclusive distributor for Imina Technologies’ product in Israel.
July, 2022

New demo lab in Singapore at WinTech Nano

Top in-situ SEM nanoprobing and electrical failure analysis system is now available in Singapore at WinTech Nano for demonstrations and services.
May, 2022

New product: Thermal Stage for NANO product line

Thermal Stage for temperature-dependent nanoprobing and EFA.
April, 2022

Electrical characterization of 7 nm technology node chips

Imina Technologies’ Nanoprobing Solution used to characterize NMOS and PMOS transistors of a 7 nm technology node chip.
January, 2022

New distributor in Russia

Ostec-Electro is now an official distributor for Imina Technologies in Russia.
December, 2021

New product: XYZ Substage for NANO product line

A substage to move the sample independently from the probes in XYZ.