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Do you need to test your devices but don’t yet have in-house nanoprobing facilities? Benefit from Imina Technologies’ expertise and infrastructure. We offer turnkey nanoprobing and electrical failure analysis (EFA) services, including sample preparation, and work extensively with semiconductor industry leaders.

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Our expertise

Imina Technologies has more than a decade of experience in nanoprobing and electrical failure analysis (EFA). We conduct demonstrations and feasibility studies for the largest semiconductor producers and leading research institutes. We also develop nanoprobing applications for state-of-the-art semiconductor technology, including characterization of technology nodes down to 5 nm, flash memory arrays, capacitance-voltage measurements as well as EBIC, EBAC or EBIRCh analysis.

Advanced infrastructure

The lab at our headquarters is equipped with the most advanced tools currently available for nanoprobing and EFA:

Thanks to our partner Eurofins | MASER, we also offer sample preparation and complementary testing techniques.

Available services

We act as a one-stop-shop for electrical probing and failure analysis, including the following techniques:

Our NANO solution is highly versatile and allows us to work with samples of diverse shapes and sizes (small dies, wafers, cross-sections). The Thermal Stage enables characterization in the temperature range of -30°C to +150°C.

In conjunction with our partners from the In-situ Microscopy Alliance, we also offer nanoprobing combined with other techniques, such as AFM with NenoVision and nanomechanical testing with Alemnis.

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What our customers say

We needed to investigate the root cause of a yield issue in 12 nm CMOS with 30 nm VIA0 probe pads. Preparation took a few days, in direct contact with IMINA’s application engineer. We discussed the tasks, sample preparation, layout, and locations for probing. 

Navigating the delayered sample, landing the probe needles, and tracing the curves went even smoother than probing using conventional probe needles on large-area probe pads. Not a single probe pad was damaged, although an impressive number of transistors was nanoprobed that day.

Full documentation was provided the same day. And most importantly, my customer was happy with the results.

Dr. Piet De Pauw, imec IC Link

We used the IMINA probe system at their site as a service for nanoprobing a Flash memory array after a delayering down to the contact level.

We were impressed by the ease with which we could test the memory transistors in the array (including programming and reading the memory contents), and the quality of the contacts and obtained IV curves on the parameter analyzer, which were similar to the one obtained on a finished wafer (down to the pA range).

Furthermore, we could measure the samples a month later, with the same easiness, precision and noise level. These measurement were of a great help while optimizing this flash memory.

We also appreciated greatly the professional support provided by the IMINA team.

Alexandre Acovic, Senior Process Development Engineer at EM Microelectronic

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