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Imina Technologies’ modular robotic platforms are designed to fit all kind of scanning electron microscopes and optical setups. Probing at MICRO and NANO scales becomes truly convenient.

NANO solutions

Bring probe tips in contact with semiconductor chips, measure the electrical characteristics of integrated components, localize defects and isolate structures, in your SEMs, FIBs and Dual Beams.

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MICRO solutions

Precisely position probes and sensors under your optical microscopes, probe stations and inspection tools. And physically interact with your samples in even the most confined environments.

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Precisio™ Software Suite

Make your electrical probing journey intuitive and efficient with Precisio™, a unified Software Suite, allowing you to control your setup within the full testing process.

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A unique mobile piezo motion in a compact robot.

Imina Technologies’ core technology resides in the unique integration of piezoelectric actuators into the miBot™, the world’s most compact 4 degrees of freedom robot with nanometer resolution of positioning. Contrary to traditional manipulators, the miBot is a mobile robot. It is virtually untethered and free to move over the surface of its stage. Since it has no mounting screws, the miBot can be coarsely positioned by hand in arbitrary positions and naturally adapts to changing samples geometries and microscope configurations.

Imina Technologies' miBot - a robot with piezoelectric actuators and a needle for electrical probing.

Key benefits

Sub-nm resolution over cm traveling ranges

Combination of coarse and fast movements over centimeter distances and fine sub-nanometer movements.

Unmatched flexibility

Flexible installation for straight forward adaptation to different experimental setups and specimens.

High stability

High mechanical and thermal stability guarantees stable positioning over long periods of time, from 0° up to 55° tilt angle.

Short learning curve

Easy to control for reduced risk of sample and probe damage and fast access to measurements.

Compatible with any microscope

Compatible with high resolution imaging using magnetic lenses to contact samples under low accelerating voltages and short working distances.

Vertical fine-motion range up to 15 µm

Easy, rapid and safe probe-landing for few-nm technology nodes or other samples that require low-kV and short working distance imaging conditions.

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We have a fully equipped demo lab for semiconductor electrical failure analysis. Our applications team is eager to perform live demonstrations and feasibility studies for you, onsite or online.

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