Precisio™ Software Suite

At Imina Technologies, we take great care in the design of our software application to make human-machine interactions as pleasant as possible so that the software becomes a valuable asset to your workflow instead of being a hindrance.

Robots control and data acquisition in a unified software suite

Precisio™ software makes the nanoprobing user experience truly intuitive. It provides an intuitive user interface to configure and control all Imina Technologies products. All required controls and parameters are embedded into a streamlined workflow with step by step operator assistance to perform measurements in the most effective way. 

Intuitive robot control

Precisio™ is designed to allow the operator to focus 100% on the application. The movements of probes are controlled from anywhere in the workflow with the light and ergonomic control pad. 

A customizable indicator panel always informs which of the miBot™ nanoprobers is selected, as well as the motion mode and speed. Information is graphical and makes the link between the hardware configuration and the selected electrical test recipe so that the user is never disoriented with respect to the sample. Saving time and minimizing the risk of collision of fragile probes.

Advanced nanoprobing workflow

Precisio™ Nanoprobing Workflow provides a step by step operator assistance, from setting up the system, to landing probe tips on the device under test and carrying out measurements. The semiconductor parameter analyzer is remotely controlled to manage the library of measurement recipes and run them from the same software application as the one used to position the probe needles. 

The Advanced Edition of Precisio Nanoprobing Workflow also adds functionalities to manage a database of all measurements across time, per samples and measurement recipes. Tools to compare curves side by side, comment and export results in office file formats are also included.

Create new measurement projects or select one from the existing database. 

Select the type of device under test (transistor, diode, resistor, etc.) from a library and remotely configure your semiconductor parameter analyzer according to your characterization needs.

Keithley 4200A-SCS and Keysight B1500A are supported.

Get visual feedback with I-V traces to optimize each probe tip contact resistance with the substrate. 

Individually configure the contact tests to cycle according to the specifications of the device under test. Run automatic test sequences over all probes.

Keithley 4200A-SCS and Keysight B1500A are supported.

Run series of test recipes. 

Automatically plot results in meaningful graphs. Access the raw data of each curve. Save your analyzes directly next to the measurement results to export them to a report.

Keithley 4200A-SCS and Keysight B1500A are supported.

Manage your measurement database. 

Sort data by time, by samples and by test recipes. Perform side-by-side graph comparisons and document your results. Export results to popular office file formats for reporting and sharing with colleagues.

Keithley 4200A-SCS and Keysight B1500A are supported.

Try by yourself!

As a customer of Imina Technologies, you can ask for a free trial license of Precisio™ advanced software modules so that you can test them by yourself, on your setup.

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Also, our application staff regularly demonstrates Precisio™ through online webinars. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about this software application!

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