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Micro-particles manipulation and sorting

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Handling samples at micron scale is necessary for various tasks such as sample sorting, sample preparation, and micro-assembly. Unfortunately, the work with microscopic samples is often very challenging. It requires the ability to delicately grab the small sample and the precision to move it to the desired location. A MEMS micro-gripper and piezo micromanipulators can be combined to provide that function. This micro-gripper is designed to handle objects between 5 and 50 µm and can be conveniently installed on Imina Technologies micromanipulator.

In this video, 10-30 µm Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) microparticles are picked and moved to destination with this micro-gripper. An additional miBot™ equipped with a probe is used to unstick the microparticle from the gripper and to position it on the substrate. This combination of a microgripper and a probe enables the operator to quickly move microspheres over long distances and to position them at the destination with micrometer precision.

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Imina Technologies' application engineer shows a colleague how to land probes on nanoscale contacts for in-situ SEM transistor characterization.