High precision robots for microscopes

We offer high-precision robotic solutions to interact with and characterize samples down to the nanometer scale. Based on a unique motion technology, positioning probes with our robots and maintaining stable electrical contacts has never been so easy. The high modularity of our solutions provides considerable flexibility for deep integration with a variety of microscopy and test equipment, enabling efficient measurement workflows.


Characterize your samples. Easily.

Integrated circuits, wafers, MEMS, or nanowires, whatever the samples and the measurements, our solutions adapt and fasten the time to critical data to help you achieve your experimental goals.

Electrical Probing

Measure the electrical properties of semiconductor devices on the smallest technology nodes.

Failure Analysis

Localize defects at contact levels and metal lines and increase semiconductor chips reliability.


Isolate single particles, perform assemblies, or prepare samples for further investigations.

Experiment under any microscope.

Imina Technologies’ modular robotic platforms are designed to fit all kind of scanning electron microscopes and optical setups. Probing at MICRO and NANO scales becomes truly convenient.

NANO Product Line

In situ nanoprobing and electrical failure analysis solutions for your SEM, FIB or dual beam.

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MICRO Product Line

Microprobing solutions for your optical microscope, probe station or inspection tool.

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Precisio™ Software

Precisio™ software is making the user experience truly intuitive. All required controls and parameters are embedded into a streamlined workflow with step by step operator assistance to perform your measurements in the most effective way. Features include:

  • Test recipes
  • Tips contact detection
  • Electrical measurements
  • Data management
  • Reporting
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Trusted by world's leading semiconductor companies and renowned research institutes around the globe.


Jul. 1, 2024

Paving way for the 1.4nm technology node transistors

1 year into the 14AMI Chips JU project.
Jun. 28, 2024

Nanoprobing combined with cathodoluminescence spectroscopy inside SEM

Integrated setup from Attolight and Imina Technologies.
May. 5, 2024

Nanoprobing on conducting PEDOT:PSS gels

4-point measurements of charge transfer across a single pore wall.


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