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Electron Probing Electronics Materials Science

Combined AFM and nanoprobing

EBIC signal on AIGaN/GaN HEMT used to understand issues with threshold voltage, non-uniformity, damaged p-n junctions.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics Materials Science

EFA of high electron mobility transistors

Nano probers and a nanoindentor in contact with a metal line inside an SEM to measure transport change upon indentation.
Electron Probing Materials Science

Nanoindentation combined with nanoprobing

Nanomanipulation of individual nanowires using electrostatic forces in-situ SEM
Electron Manipulation Materials Science

In situ nanomanipulation in SEM

Manipulation of a single Gd-doped ceria (MIEC) nanofiber inside SEM to prepare for TEM electrochemical measurements.
Electron Manipulation Materials Science

Manipulation of MIEC nanofibers

Semi-automated robotic manipulation of micron-scale biological samples with end-effectors under an optical microscope.
Optical Manipulation Materials Science

Robots cooperation for microparticles manipulation

Nanometer-scale manipulations on nanowires with nanoprobers in a SEM and a TEM.
Electron Manipulation Materials Science

TEM sample preparation

Heating and cooling stage for in-situ SEM nano probing to study semiconductor devices temperature-dependent behavior
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Materials Science

Thermal stage for temperature-dependent nanoprobing

Hexagonal array of self-assembled soot nanoparticles grown on a carbon microtube surface characterized by nanoprobing.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Materials Science

Field-emitting properties of carbon micropyramids

IV curves for 180 nm tech node PMOS transistor at temperatures of -30, 75, 150°C reached by a heating and cooling stage.
Electron Failure Analysis Probing Electronics Materials Science

Thermal behavior of a PMOS transistor

Microgrippers and microprobes move Barium Titanate microparticles with a diameter ranging from 10 to 30 micrometers.
Optical Manipulation Materials Science

Micro-particles manipulation and sorting

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