Microprobing solutions for optical microscopes, probe stations and inspection tools.

Precisely position probes and physically interact with your samples even in the most confined environments.

Microprobing applications

Microprobing Solutions for Optical Microscopes

The MICRO product line has several different platforms that accommodate up to 8 miBot™ microprobers. Stand-alone MICRO solutions include a microscope and a sample positioning stage. We also offer microprobing platform kits for flexible integration with  other microscopy equipment. Each solution enables the user to independently position probes over millimeters with a resolution down to a few tenth of nanometers. miBots can also be used to hold optical fibers, sensors, etc.

miBot technology and specs

Wafer-Level Probe Station with Automation

This probe station is designed for semi-automated electrical characterization of sub-micron scale components on wafers up to 4’’. The platform drives up to 8 miBot probers and connects their probe tips to third-party electrical source-measurement units. A highly precise X-Y-Z wafer chuck (cooling/heating options available) and a powerful microscope with motorized zoom are part of this fully integrated solution. Automated probing of identical devices across the wafer can be included in this solution.

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Micro Probe Station for Small Samples

This tabletop Probe Station is designed for micro-scale electrical characterization of semiconductor dies and test devices under 1’’. It drives up to 4 miBot robots and connects their probe tips to third-party electrical source-measurement units. A high-magnification microscope with motorized zoom and a manual X-Y stage for sample positioning are included in this turnkey solution.

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Microprobing Platform Kits for Integration into Various Setups

We offer two Microprobing Platform Kits that can be installed on different kinds of microscopes and other setups. The kit for four probers is ideal to retrofit an optical microscope or a probe station. The one-prober kit is designed to fit into the most crowded setups. Both versions connect the probers' tips to third-party electrical source-measurement units. 

Contact us to learn more about integrations into:

  • Upright and inverted optical microscopes.
  • Probe stations.
  • Semiconductor inspection tools.
  • Atomic force microscopes (AFM).
  • Glove boxes and environmental chambers.

Contact us to learn more about possible integrations.

Product Sheet - Microprobing Platform Kit (1-Bot)

Product Sheet - Microprobing Platform Kit (4-Bot)

Control the experiment from a unified software suite

Hardware components of the MICRO product line are parameterized and controlled from the user-friendly PrecisioTM software suite. It streamlines electrical characterization of the samples at micron scale and requires only a short training.

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Need to probe in an electron microscope?

The NANO product line is what you are looking for. It features:

  • Nanoprobing platforms for up to 8 nanoprobers
  • Compatibility with stage mounted and load-lock vacuum chambers
  • A comprehensive set of options including EBIC/EBAC acquisition systems, large sample adapter, sample substage, etc.

Discover the NANO products line and optimize your investment by sharing components between a MICRO and NANO platform.

Featured Applications

Explore some typical applications that our industrial and academic customers regularly address with the MICRO product line.

Electrical microprobing
Perform electrical probing on small pads or lines without the need of wire bonding.

Materials characterization
Characterize the electrical properties of new materials on even the most fragile structures.

Handle your structures and precisely position them with an unmatched dexterity.

Because seeing is believing!

We have a fully equipped demo lab for semiconductor electrical failure analysis. Our applications team is eager to perform live demonstrations and feasibility studies for you, onsite or online.

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