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Self-Assembled micropyramids made of soot nanoparticles

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Valeriy Luchnikov and his colleagues from Université de Haute-Alsace - UHA have discovered micropyramids that grow on the surface of carbon microtubes heated in Argon atmosphere.

The micropyramids are formed by soot nanoparticles and form almost regular hexagonal arrays. These micropyramids are very soft but become harder upon further sintering.

Our in-situ SEM nanoprobing solution was used to measure the tunneling current emitted by the tips of the micropyramids. Turns out, they act as field emitters. Authors of the study suggest that such micropyramids grown on flat surfaces could be used as field emitter arrays, as well as superhydrophobic and bactericidal coatings, or ultrablack materials.

We congratulate the authors for having one of the images published in this article selected as a cover image!


Self-Assembly of Soot Nanoparticles on the Surface of Resistively Heated Carbon Microtubes in Near-Hexagonal Arrays of Micropyramids

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