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Advanced EFA with color coded multi-channel nanoprobing

Semiconductor devices get more and more complex, with three-dimensional device architecture and other complex geometries. Such chips pose serious challenges for Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA), as engineers have to distinguish signals coming from overlapping structures and multiple origins of contrast.

Together with our partners at point electronic GmbH, we have added new dedicated electronics and software to our integrated EFA solution. Now the signal from each probe is read out by independent channels and is color-coded.

Read our application note to learn how color-coded EFA signal acquisition can simplify EFA workflow on complex structures. We show color-coded nanoprobing, EBIC and EBAC on transistors of various sizes, including 7nm technology nodes. We also show how image math can be used to distinguish between different origins of contrast and to analyze only the signal we are interested in.

With the advanced EFA module, it is now much easier to distinguish signals from Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) and Electron Beam Absorbed Current (EBAC), or between Resistive Contrast Imaging (RCI) and Electron Beam Induced Resistance Change (EBIRCh). As a result, data interpretation becomes much more straightforward.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our advanced EFA module.

Nanoprobing on a transistor imaged by an electron microscope with color coding of signal coming from each nano probe