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New product: Motion Controller MC410/20

Imina Technologies launches the Motion Controller MC410/20, a new control unit that improves nanoprobes positioning resolution and versatility of MICRO and NANO product lines.

This new generation of piezoelectric driver is equipped with a 16-bit digital-analog converter (DAC) enabling probes positioning resolution up to 0.02 nm (see specifications). Special electronic design attention has been paid on the output control signals to ensure that nanoscale electrical contacts be extremely stable over time and offer even more reliable nanoprobing measurements.

The integrated robotic control up to 4 probers in a single compact and robust metal housing with minimal connectivity makes the Motion Controller MC410/20 extremely convenient to operate. Its handles facilitate installation on a test bench and storage, making the portability of our probing solutions even more successful.

Finally, the MC410/20's form factor also allows it to be mounted in standard 19-inch rack cabinets (4U high) alongside other measuring instruments, dramatically reducing laboratory footprint.

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